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This page lists and describes all of the products that I have mentioned in my manly blogs and Facebook stuff.

Click to purchase your young living starter kit

24% Discount off Premium Starter Kits

So…. Do you walk like a man?… Do you talk like a man?… Then you probably are a man!!

So, why not buy your oils like a man?

Get ready to implement the ideas and chemical free alternatives that myself and others come up with by getting stuck into a Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  This is the most cost effective way to purchase your first lot of essential oils to do all the manly stuff with!

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The details for the sceptical man…

To get the 24% discount on this and ALL future purchases, all you have to do is to setup your own wholesale member account and purchase the starter kit.   Please don’t worry, this is not a gimmick to turn you into an oils salesman (unless you want to of course).  Purchasing in this manner just gives you access to the same prices I get and comes with my personal guarantee that no one will hassle you to sell or sign up everyone you know.

  • Select your country and check that my member number 15846324 is pre-filled as the referrer.
  • Select “Member” as the membership type.
    • Enjoy a 24% discount off retail prices and access wholesale prices on the entire Young Living product range (including supplements, beauty and Savvy Minerals makeup – for the wife of course)
    • No minimum spend or monthly orders required.
    • No selling or promoting of Young Living products required.
  • Choose your starter kit. I recommend the Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist diffuser for AUD$259.

Complete details and orders will arrive within 2-4 business days to major cities within Australia!

Click to purchase your young living starter kit

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