Welcome to Man versus Oils – The World of Men and Essential Oils

Welcome to Man Versus Oils

I have created this site to go on a journey – one I thought I would never take. It is a journey where we will explore the world of men and essential oils. I was never a user of oils and to be honest, didn’t believe that they would actually work. Many around me, my wife included, have tried to get me interested in the use of Essential Oils and other chemical free malarkey for years. And all it took was a calf cramp and an interest was born…

Why this site?

To say that I was a skeptic is being polite. Why? Because oils don’t work. Not on men anyway. Oils are for making the house smell good and your children sleep (so there are some benefits I guess). They are for cleaning kitchens without the use of chemicals and they have allegedly been used for all manner of reasons since ancient times.

Then one night something happened… I had cramps in my legs that were stopping me sleeping. My wife got up, made a concoction of Copaiba Essential Oil and Coconut oil… And it worked… and has worked ever since.

Something was lit within me. And as I started to take notice of them, I started to realise that my son really did sleep better when he had lavender oils rubbed on his feet. In fact, we were all sleeping better when the diffuser was on before bed. I know this because when it was not put on, I didn’t seem to sleep as well.

As I started to ask and look more into them, my wife starting banging on about the chemical free aspects of them… so I thought to myself… What else can they do?

Why focus on Men?

Friends - Men and Essential Oils

Time for a little secret, I am still not totally convinced that essential oils – and chemical free products for that matter – do everything that claim to do. But hey, I have been shown enough to see that they do actually do seem to provide some benefit. I know they can help with cleaning and sleeping and well, almost anything I guess. But I want proof! I have two uses that have absolutely worked which I will outline fully soon. What about the other stuff that us men do!

I mean, one of the reasons I am told that most people use essential oils is to remove the use of chemicals from their lives. But chemicals are awesome aren’t they? I mean you should see how clean my BBQ is after a good dose of engine degreaser… probably not the best for my health however. And without a good spray of Rexpna, how will I not smell like a barn after a summer workout?

I want to see what works for Men! What is it that we do that we can do better with oils? I mean, even I know that flushing a few diluted oils down the drain with my BBQ grease has got to be better than all that chemical degreaser. But this stuff has to work.

So what will I do?

In short, I will test some stuff to do with oils and chemical free living. I believe this is the best way to go for my health, my family’s health and the environment. But I don’t want to be one of these sites that simply states the best essential oils for men. I want to outline what works and what doesn’t. I want be transparent in terms of cost, successful use and things to look out for (such as which oils are not real good around pets or what shouldn’t be put straight onto your skin).

What Oils do I use?

My Oils of choice comes from the Young Living stable. To be honest, I use these because my friends use them and after doing some research, I am happy with the way that they are sourced, tested and promoted. I have purchased their premium starter kit. So to start with I will be running my tests on those oils only… But I am sure that will change…

Click here if you would like to more information in regard to purchasing your own starter kit.

My first win

So, what turned me? It was simple… I had cramps.

I’ve had the occasional leg cramps for most of my life after a hard day’s work/exercise and nothing I had really soothed it.  Then one day my wife made up a concoction of copaiba and coconut oil, and wow – that was SOOTHING

Copaiba Essential Oil
Click here to purchase

2 drops of Copaiba Oil*

2 tbs of coconut oil

Mix and rub directly onto cramping area. I am telling you, it worked. I have tried a few  things here… Mainly sports gels and a number of other sports type ointments. Nothing worked – until now.

Verdict – I have used this remedy a few times and it really does work!

*Copaiba Oil is a created by steam distilling the gum resin tapped from the Brazilian Copaifera reticulata tree. Its powers include being an anti inflammatory and for pain relief.

What Now?

Well, I am working on a few tests and will post some results soon. Especially some successes I am experiencing with Panaway and some soreness in my shoulder that was hindering my ability to swim…

So have a look around, subscribe to my blog and we will lift the bonnet on this sucker and see what is under the hood – Sorry, couldn’t resist another testosterone based analogy.

Have fun!


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