The Uses of Crystals – Man versus Oils Investigates

Hey Oilers, let me start today’s post by painting you a word picture… It is an overcast, rainy Sunday morning and there is a distinct chill in the air. Yours truly is snuggled under a blanky drinking a coffee and watching some college football on TV. Then, from nowhere my beautiful wife appears and tells me to get dressed to go to a Crystal exhibit and sale. WTF? Why would anybody want to go there on a cold, wet Sunday? I did know that my son has taken an interest in crystals and rocks but I didn’t realize that it was so much. So off we went and for a good old time learning about the uses of crystals.

The Uses of Crystals - Man versus Oils Investigates. Crystal Sale and Exhibit

What was I expecting?

I really don’t know, I mean, what is this all about? Some quick googling on the way to the showground hall quickly informed me that many people use crystals to assist with mood, healing and this thing called Chakra. Really? Crystals? But then again, I was skeptical about essential oils to start with so in the interest of investigating all to do The Uses of Crystals - Man versus Oils Investigates. Crystal Sale and Exhibitwith my new chemical free attempts at life, I felt I owed it to all of you to check it out – after all, if I am going down, why not take you all with me hey?

That of course didn’t stop me from expecting a room full of tie dye and dream catchers with ‘Age of Aquarius’ blaring from the speakers and if I am being honest, it wasn’t far off. Although I did forget about the market stall types with rows and rows of rocks for sale – but there was also some pretty cool stuff and I did learn quite a bit about crystals. I mean I think any man finding a section where the rocks have to be covered because they are toxic will have to show some interest.

The first thing I learnt however is that the avid users of crystals take their uses and powers VERY seriously. And after doing a bit more research, here is what I have found…

The body has energy

Everything around us is comprised of energy including the human body. In these circles (and in Yoga), they call this Chakra – of which there are seven comprising the main energy points of the body. These studies date back to ancient practices including Hinduism and Buddhism.

Healing and mood adjustment from crystals generally revolves around their effects on these energy points. Other influences however can be gained by simply allowing the energy of the crystals loose around the being or within the immediate area.

Some common types of crystals

There are lots and lots and lots of types of crystals. But here are some of the more common ones – at least the most prominent (insert cheapest) at the exhibit.

Clear Quartz

Aka “The Master Healer” as it can be programmed by a healer to assist with any number of physical or emotional issues. It resonates with the higher Chakras.

crystals - amazon
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Aka “The All Purpose Stone” comes in a number of colors most commonly from shades of light violet to vibrant purple. It resonates with the Crown (Sahasrara) and Third Eye (Ajna) Chakras. It is known as a calming stone assisting with insomnia, stopping nightmares and boosting the production of hormones. I also read at the exhibit that if you wear it on a big night out then your hangover will be significantly less painful – that one I can test!


Aka “Merchant’s Stone” as those who wear it or keep it near them when money is discussed (purse, desk drawer etc.) can remove financial blockages and attract new opportunities. It is also commonly referred to as an assistant in weight loss.


Often called “fluorspar” typically contains green and purple colors and is commonly used to help soothe aches and pains. Green fluorite crystal is associated with the Heart Chakra and it is commonly also used in zodiac studies.

Other popular types include Rose Quartz, Selenite, Moonstone and Tourmaline.

How are crystals used?

The Uses of Crystals – crystals and rocks. Hands with stones

Crystals work via their connection with the main energy points of the body (similar to oils) and their presence in a room (I guess similar to a diffuser). The main ways people use them depends on what they are trying to achieve. For healing for example the crystals are placed on the body – usually on the Chakra points – during massage or meditation. Those looking for mood enhancement or adjustment will hold them in their hands or hold against their body – via a necklace or bracelet – whilst meditating or exercising.

Those trying to treat insomnia and other sleep related issues will put them under their pillow. In yoga practice, crystals are placed in the studio as par to of an aura. They can also be simply stored in cars, drawers, purses, boxes, gym bags or pretty much anywhere else dependent upon how you are looking for them to assist you. I can tell you now, my first mansperiment will be to place them strategically in my fishing tackle box and golf bag as God knows I can use all the help I can get there.

Cleansing and Recharging

For crystals to work, they need to absorb and release energy, both good and bad. For this reason, they often need to be cleansed or recharged. This is done, depending on the crystal type, in a number of ways including:

  • Sunlight – crystals are left in direct sunlight
  • Monnlight – crystals are left is direct moonlight
  • Smudging – crystals are smudged with incense or herbs
  • Salt Water – crystals are soaked in a bowl of salt water
  • Earth – crystals are buried in the earth

In most cases there is also a ritual or re-purposing that takes place as the crystal is cleansed.


So there you have it. I have no proof that any of this works and my gut feel is that a lot of this is a belief of their value real or imagined. But I will also admit that the same is probably true about essential oils. The information above is based on my initial findings and I have deliberately tried to keep it light with an overall coverage of their use but there is obviously a lot more to them. I openly admit that I have not tested any of their suggested powers and uses as I am not real sure how to measure these results. I do however plan to do some mansperiment testing in the future so watch this space…

In the meantime have fun.


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5 thoughts on “The Uses of Crystals – Man versus Oils Investigates”

  1. Hi and thanks for the intriguing review and I am certainly interested in learning more about this topic. I had heard about crystals and their energies before, although I had not had much chance to look into them in any detail until I found your site. I have book marked you and will look forward to you hopefully expanding on this subject again in the future. Do you have any testimonials of people who have benefited from using crystals in their lives for the better? I would love to hear about them. Thanks, Kenny 

    • Great idea Kenny – strangely just today I was reminded of a relative who uses them so will give them a call…  Watch this space.  Paul

  2. I’ve seen a lot of websites and articles about crystals before, but I’ve never been swayed by either side of the discussion somehow. I find it hard to be convinced that the crystals really do have healing properties, but then I think there must be something to it since so many people seem to swear by it. So it was interesting to read this account from someone with a similar perspective to me; open minded but still skeptical. Keep us updated on how it goes for you! What are you expecting to happen?

  3. It’s quite interesting to read about crystals. I think crystals can be good but you cannot rely on living with it for its purposes, like for merchants, what for? People are trying to find ways to get help from anything just to succeed. Belief can be good but without clear understanding is not good. Probably, these people will keep on buying these crystals without finding what they are looking for. Hoping they’re not being scammed by businessmen who only used these objects since they don’t have substantial ways to earn.

    I’ll be waiting for your mansperiment results.


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