How to Choose Essential Oils – The Man-flu episode of 2018

How to Choose Essential Oils – The Man-flu episode of 2018

September 27, 2018 10 By Paul


So… A short one today…

Why? Because I am still recovering from being sick… how sick you may ask?


I had the worst illness ever known to man… The dreaded MAN-FLU. This is not a disease, It is a scourge… Only suffered by men and second only to man-gastro in sickness scales.

Now, when I am sick, my wife of course takes this as an absolute green light to apply, rub and diffuse every essential oil at her disposal. This time it was a delicate little rub of Thieves and Peppermint Essential Oils with a Coconut Oil carrier. This little paste was rubbed on me with the rest jammed under my nose whenever I even looked like sniffling.

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I asked her how she came about this little concoction of joy and as she was answering I asked myself… “If I am going to do all these experiments and tests of the effectiveness of Essential Oils in the lives of men, then how on earth will I know how to choose them”.

Hence, today’s post… How to choose Essential oils!

The oily paste of goodness

So let’s start from the beginning… what was in this paste? Well it went like this:


5 drops of Thieves Essential Oil

5 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

1 tablespoon of everyday supermarket quality coconut oil


Mix them into a paste ( the weather was cool so this was possible – hotter areas will probably end up with a liquid)


Rub onto the chest and wrists. Sniff the rest at regular intervals.

Did it work?

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Did it cure the Man-Flu? Of course not… This is not one of those sites that espouses the use of oils for every disease known to man!! And also, everyone knows that the only known cure for the man-flu is to be waited on hand and foot! But is did provide relief. Much as eucalyptus drops or nasal sprays do, it helped to keep my nostrils clear and my throat soothed – via inhalation NOT digestion. The difference was that this was done without the heavy chemicals of the nasal sprays or the sugar levels of lozenges.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it… This remedy definitely provided relief.

How did she choose the right essential oils?

I asked her that! Her answer was succinct and to the point… Her answer

“We don’t have any eucalyptus oil so I chose Peppermint because it is cooling and soothing and Thieves is awesome at killing germs”.

Sounds great!! Get it on me… but how did she know this? And more importantly how will I know which ones to choose when testing oils as a barbecue cleaner or weed killer (I have some big plans for this stuff). Her answer… “I looked it up”!

Where to find information on the use of Essential Oils

There is a lot of information out there. Some on track and some not so much! So this is what we use.

We have the Young Living Product Guide 2018. We have this because we use Young Living oils. However, of another brand is your choice then I am sure they will have a similar guide outlining the qualities, uses and ingredients of each oil.

There are also some good books released by Life Science products which also discuss the use of specific oils for specific symptoms. Another trick is to do some research into the actual plants themselves. For example, we know that citrus type fruits are acidic and good for cleaning. So this may be a good place to start when researching which oils might be good to clean, say… a barbecue.

Ok… One last point – And I have to get serious here. The levels of governance over the description of the benefits of Essential Oils vary greatly from country to country. Some books and websites will outline the medical benefits of Essential Oils which is not in line with Australian compliance guidelines. If you have a medical condition, please consult a Doctor in regard to your use of Essential oils as a treatment.


So there you have it. As a soother to man-flu sufferers it is definitely Oils 1, Paul 0… And we all breathed a little easier.

Oh, and thanks to my lovely wife for her input… And now that I know how to find them… I guess it is lucky I am over my Man-flu and able to start doing some reading…

Have fun!


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