Essential Oil Blend Recipes  – A Female Perspective

Essential Oil Blend Recipes – A Female Perspective

January 8, 2019 12 By Paul

It’s finally happened! I have been hijacked! Those of you who have followed my progress to date will know that I often write about the advice, ideas and badgering from my beautiful wife. Well now it has gone a step further. You see the other day I was sitting on the couch watching the football and during a break in play, I called out to Nic and asked “Hey, I need a topic for my next man-blog. What have you been looking at lately?”.

She simply said “Sure”. I wasn’t entirely confident what that meant, and the footy had come back on. so I said “thank you” and got on with it! Now for future reference, the word “sure” means, in woman-speak, “Sure, I am going to write my own post for your little website and you will post it!” So here it is, in her own words and in her first guest blogging appearance (something tells me it will not be her last), my amazing wife gives you her best essential oil blend recipes.

Hey guys, Mrs MVO here.

I thought it was about time I jumped in here, took over (read: tidy things up a bit) and introduce myself.Love the wife

So this is where my husband has been spending all of his time! He has really embraced this new world of oils – much more than I was expecting to be honest. There is a still a ‘sceptical’ element about him, but I don’t expect that to go anywhere… much the same as I have stopped holding hope after 15 years that he will stop liking football, start buying more flowers, do his own folding etc etc…

My Story

I wanted to add my own story on here – hopefully the first of many – about oils and how much I adore them / use them / sniff them / research them and some of the things I use them for.

Using oils and moving into a ‘chemical-free life’ has always interested me. I remember flicking through the Young Living Catalogue* years ago. For whatever reason, it didn’t happen then however whenever we visited friends who used them, I think I spent more time smelling the oils than socialising!

I used to find the whole ‘oil world’ quite overwhelming. I honestly didn’t know where to start – is it super salesy? I am going to have to buy all the oils? And then, if I do buy some, do I have to hassle everyone I know to buy them too?

Short answer – nope, not even a little bit.

I buy what I like, when I like. Of course there is a chance to make money and I am happy to chat and share my love for them… want to buy some? Cool. Don’t want to? That’s cool too.

The Starter Kit is amazing. It is everything I didn’t know I always wanted. Do you need a chemical-free insect repellent for yet another BBQ catch up?

Clean kitchenGrab the Lavender or Purification!!

Need to clean something?

Thieves for days!!!!

Have an upset tummy after too many Sauv Blancs?

Digize is my new bestie.

Feeling stressed by trying to round up boys to help with washing / cleaning / anything helpful?

Overwhelm be gone with Stress Away!

How I use Oils

I am a big stickler for not wasting oils… you will often hear me yelling, “only smell it – don’t waste it!”, when I hear the males of the household opening my oils drawer. So, I make a lot of blends. Some I make up myself (I told you I spend a lot of time sniffing!) and some I research and measure out. Any oils we purchase that are recommended to use with a carrier oil, are made straight up so we never risk putting them straight onto our skin – we go straight to the diluted version.

We purchased our Starter Kit about 6 months again and so much has changed since then. We sleep better (Lavender / Snoozeland blend), we have avoided colds / flu (Thieves / Breath Better blend) and we are less anxious (Stress Away / Energy blends 1 and 2) and reduced the effects of headaches with ease (Peppermint / Clear Head blend).

Below are some awesome blends that I have made up in the last few months (please note that I am using oils that I have – obviously – I know there may be better / different options and these are on my VERY long wishlist!)

I use these bottles which are 10mls.

Once I have added the oils I choose, I top it up with a carrier oil, such as coconut, grape seed or jojoba.

My essential oil blend recipes

Click here to see all below oils as well as others that may take your fancy.

SNOOZELAND BLEND (bottom of feet, neck, wrists)

YL Vetiver Essential Oil

Click here to purchase

15 drops of Lavender

10 drops of Stress Away

10 drops of Vetiver

Topped with a carrier oil

BREATHE BETTER BLEND (neck, chest, wrists, tummy)

20 drops of Thieves

10 drops of Purification

10 drops of Lavender

Topped with a carrier oil

ENERGY BLEND 1 (neck, chest, wrists, diffuser jewelry)

YL Joy Essential Oil Blend

Click here to purchase

10 drops Peppermint

10 drops Lemon

10 drops Joy

Topped with a carrier oil

ENERGY BLEND 2 (neck, chest, wrists, diffuser jewelry)

10 drops Lemongrass

10 drops Clove

YL Thieves Essential Oil Blend

Click here to purchase

10 drops Rosemary

Topped with a carrier oil

CLEAR HEAD BLEND (neck, chest, wrists, diffuser jewelry)

10 drops Thieves

10 drops Frankincense

10 drops Lemon

Topped with a carrier oil

I find it to be a nice little challenge to come up with new blends. Even MVO Jr (our 6 year old son) has made his own up. When I asked him why he chose the oils and combinations he did, he simply shrugged and said “I just like the way the smelt”. So simple and straightforward!

Before we start though… I just wanted to reiterate that when it comes to the use of essential oils and children, great care is needed at all times. Children’s skin is a lot more delicate than that of most adults so always be sure to test on yourself first, then on a small area of the child. Again, if they have allergies to a particular fruit or tree, then I would avoid that oil type. The list of oils not suitable for kids is long and differs from site to site – so great care is always recommended. The following works for our son, but may not for your little ones so always do your checks. We also dilute his blends with more carrier oil than we do our blends.

That said, here are his blends…

Click here to see all below oils as well as others that may take your fancy.

MVO Jr 1(bottom of feet, neck, wrists)

YL Copaiba Essential Oil

Click here to purchase

5 drops Lemon

5 drops Lavender

5 drops Copiabia

Topped with a carrier oil

MVO Jr 2 (bottom of feet, neck, wrists)

5 drops Joy

5 drops Cedarwood

5 drops Frankincense

Topped with a carrier oil

Note: I have just run out of blend bottles so once they arrive next week, you will see some awesome videos of Mr MVO and I showing you how easy it is make up these blends.


So there you have it… some fun new blends to try out. ‘Manly’ or not – these have really worked for us and the males of the household enjoying these new smells as much as I am.

Catch you then

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