CBD Oil Benefits for Men

CBD Oil Benefits for Men

August 2, 2019 0 By Paul

Hey there manly lovers of all things oil. Today I am going to discuss another type of oil – CBD oil – or more importantly, the CBD Oil benefits for men. You see CBD oil has been popping up in my research more and more lately leading me to put down the old Black Spruce and have a closer look.

It turns out that the use of CBD oil is absolutely booming and becoming more and more popular as countries around the world become more accepting via the legalization and legislation of this form of natural medicine. In some countries such as the U.S. you can even purchase it via traditional retail outlets and drug stores. In others, online sales are the way to go. So let’s check it all out…

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil Benefits for Men - headerCBD (or Cannabidiol) is one of two dominant compounds found within the marijuana/hemp plant. The other major compound is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the one that creates the “high” commonly associated with the smoking of the leaves and buds. CBD oils are processed from hemp varieties that do not contain THC hence are not mind altering. Also, according to the World Health Organisation, CBD oils show no proof “indicative of any abuse or dependence potential” as in, they are not addictive.

Like essential oils, as popularity has increased over the past few years, some outlandish and as yet unproven statements are often made as to its medical and healing abilities. However, unlike essential oils, much more valid research is being undertaken with favourable results which has culminated recently in the U.S. FDA approving its first ever cannabis based medicine as a treatment for some forms of epilepsy.

The law of the land

Perhaps one of the reasons for such an interest into the research of this product is that fact that even though CBD oil is not considered dangerous or mind altering, many countries around the world still do not recognise it as a safe medicinal product, or even as a legal one.

So on that note, it is definitely worthwhile being aware of some of the jurisdictional legal implications if you plan to purchase or use this product. For example, where I live in Australia, CBD oil (and other medical marijuana programs) are strictly monitored and can only be accessed via a few centralised government initiatives. It is also illegal to import it to Australia (although this is changing I believe). The U.S. manages it on a state by state basis where some allow CBD Oil to be sold openly without a prescription whilst others ban it altogether. Canada allows recreational Cannabis however does not allow some other medicinal uses.

What are the benefits for men?

As usual, unless it has been openly researched and proven, I have steered clear of any reference to its uses for severe or serious medical issues but to be honest, from what I am reading I do expect to be updating this post regularly as new uses and benefits come to life or are approved by world medical bodies and administrators. So, will all that in mind, let’s run through some of the benefits of CBD oil in the world of men:

CBD Oil Benefits for Men - vape pen

Note: As per all other posts on this site, the benefits of the product highlighted are aimed at dealing with minor symptoms only. Should your issues be major, or long-lasting please consult a medical professional. Many manufacturers also recommend speaking with a medical professional prior to using any CBD based products.

Pain relief

Whilst the results of studies on humans has been mixed, one of the major proposed uses of CBD oil is for pain relief. The most common research for this type of treatment is in arthritis patients however there is also some minor proof of its use for muscle and joint pain due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. I also have it on good authority that a massage with CBD Oil cream is an extremely worthwhile experience.


CBD Oil Benefits for Men - drops

Another common use for this product is dealing with stress related issues. Initially when the use of cannabis was prescribed for stress and mental health related issues, it was via the full-blown high inducing THC laden product. More recently however, CBD oils have been found to greatly reduce stress without the potential dependency issues of THC strands.

It should be noted that major studies are underway in the use of this product for mental issues such as depression as well as anxiety and insomnia with some promising, if not cautious, results.


When we discuss skin and manliness, we are usually talking about one of two things… Shaving rash and acne. I haven’t found much about this product assisting with soothing the old man dermis (I would stick to the other oils for that) however for acne, it is apparently the bomb!

CBD Oil shares the same anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds as some of its essential cousins (they are after all often plant based and distilled in a similar fashion) so it makes sense that it could be good for this purpose – and maybe for the shaving rash after all. Research into this has mainly focused on the compounds mentioned here with initial favourable results.


Now this is an interesting one as when I was younger, the stoner friends of mine used to complain that if they smoked too much weed then they tended to have some … ummmm… issues in the bedroom. However, in my research I have found the promotion of CBD oil use for this purpose raised so much that I just had to include it.

Most of the comment however is not based on your little soldier as much as you would think rather some of the benefits we have already discussed. Things like stress relief, greater amounts of sleep and less muscle pain all contribute to more interest in those special mummy and daddy cuddles.

How do I use CBD Oil?

There are a number of ways and means of using this product which is mainly determined via the issue you are attempting to relieve. However, many manufacturers provide the following products:

  • CBD Oil – Usually packaged with a dropper to allow for internal consumption within drinks or food or administered topically on the usual pressure points such as the wrists, temples or behind the ears. Used in this manner to deal with stress, insomnia or libido.

  • CBD Oil based creams – CBD Oil is mixed with carrier oil creams (usually coconut) as well as essential oils and vitamins for pain relief and massage. Some companies also incorporate this into a cold spray for at-the-time injury management. These creams are also effective for acne and maybe even shaving rash.

  • Vape oil – Vaping is the inhalation of CBD based liquids via the use of a vaping machine or pen. It is essentially like smoking without the harmful smoke and is an effective way to ingest CBD oils as it is released directly into the blood stream. It is used in this manner to assist with stress related issues. I have also seen it promoted in this fashion as pain relief for headaches however I cannot find any evidential proof for this.

  • Gummies – CBD laced gel lollies (like gummy bears) that you eat. Designed to meet the same purposes as vaping via ingestion. Some companies also sell oils in this fashion via CBD oil capsules.

  • Bath Bombs – this page is probably too manly for these but we have discussed the man bath in the past so you know what, drop one in as a nice stress reliever – and if I have to guess, this might be a good one to assist with any libido based issues too.

  • Pet CBD products – yep, all the same stuff above, but for your pets.

How much do I use?

As with everything, this will vary from person to person. I strongly suggest however following the manufacturer recommendation on the pack.


So there you have it, an initial outline of the benefits of CBD Oil for men. As I have said earlier, due to the fact that this product is being actively trialed (and in some places prescribed) for so many ailments such as mental illness, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and of course epilepsy, I will definitely be keeping an eye on this and updating this post regularly as more research comes to light.

However, in the short term, there are certainly some basic benefits here that can give you some good chemical free relief and calmness. Have you tried CBD Oil? Do you find it useful? Are there any other uses for it in your world? If you answered yes to any other these questions, I would love to hear about it below. If not, comment anyway. haha.

Until next time

Have fun


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