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1Welcome to Man versus Oils – The World of Men and Essential Oils15/09/18
2What are Essential Oils and do they work - A skeptical perspective21/09/18
3How to Choose Essential Oils - The Man-flu Episode of 201827/09/18
4A Man Versus Oils Mansperiment – Chemical Free Cleaning the Barbeque06/10/18
55 Reasons to take Essential Oils Camping10/10/18
6Man versus Oils Review – Benefits of Lavender Essential Oils13/10/18
7A Man Versus Oils Mansperiment – Essential Oils and Sore Feet16/10/18
8Man Versus Oils Research – Risks of Essential Oils19/10/18
9Man versus Oils Investigates – The Uses of Crystals24/10/18
10A Man Versus Oils Mansperiment – Essential Oils and a Hangover30/10/18
115 Manly Uses for Lemon Essential Oils02/11/18
12Are my Man-oils Real? – Testing Essential Oils06/11/18
13The Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt – Man Versus Oils Investigates10/11/18
1410 Manly Essential Oil Scent Recipes for the Diffuser15/11/18
15Killing Mould Naturally – A Man Versus Oils Mansperiment29/11/18
16The Science Behind Essential Oils – Man Versus Oils Investigates05/12/18
1710 Christmas Diffuser Recipes for Men10/12/18
18Natural Living Gifts for Her this Christmas15/12/18
19Portable Diffusers for Essential Oils – A Man Versus Oils Review20/12/18
205 Manly Uses for Frankincense and Myrrh Essential oils24/12/18
21Peppermint Essential Oil Uses for Men – A Man versus Oils Review04/01/19
22Essential Oil Blend Recipes – A Female Perspective08/01/19
23Essential Oils for Shaving – A Man versus Oils Mansperiment17/01/19
24Essential Oil Diffusers – A Man versus Oils Review20/01/19
255 Manly Essential Oils – and 5 Not So Manly Ones23/01/19
26The Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oils – Man versus Oils Investigates31/01/19
27Getting Started with Essential Oils – Premium Starter Kits02/02/19
28Essential Oils for Beards – Man Versus Oils Investigates04/02/19
29The 10 Best Essential Oils for Men and Stress06/02/19
30The Essential Oils I Use – Man Versus Oils Confesses08/02/19
3110 Essential Oils for a Cold – Man Versus Oils Suffers12/02/19
32Essential Oils for Muscle Soreness14/02/19
337 Essential Oils to Wake You Up – A Man Versus Oils Mansperiment16/02/19
3415 Essential Oil Blends for Men19/02/19
35Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil – A Man Versus Oils Review21/02/19
36Is Thieves Essential Oil Worth It? – A Man Versus Oils Review24/02/19
378 Best Essential Oils For The Skin Of Men27/02/19
38Herbal Teas for Men – Man Versus Oils Investigates03/03/19
39Essential Oils for Travelling – Man Versus Oils On The Move05/03/19
40Essential Oils and Pet Safety08/03/19
41Natural Insomnia Remedies for Men13/03/19
428 Essential Oils to Keep Bugs Away16/03/19
4316 Citrus Essential Oil Uses for Men20/03/19
44Best Bath Oils For Men – Man Versus Oils Soaks22/03/19
45Hot Essential Oil Uses For Men26/03/19
4615+ Weird Things To Do With Essential Oils28/03/19
47I Hate Clove Essential Oils – A Man Versus Oils Review30/03/19
48How Essential Oils Smell – A Man Versus Oils Perspective03/04/19
49Rose Essential Oils For Men – Worth the Money?06/04/19
5010 Grounding Essential Oil Recipes for Men10/04/19
51Can I Prove Essential Oils Work? – Man Versus Oils Reflects13/04/19
52Can You Eat Essential Oils? – Man Versus Oils Investigates18/04/19
535 Rosemary Essential Oil Uses for Men26/04/19
54White Sage Smudge Sticks – Why?06/05/19
555 Manly Uses for Black Pepper Essential Oil22/05/19
56Geranium Essential Oil Smells Horrendous – So Is It Any Good?04/06/19
57CBD Oil Benefits for Men02/08/19
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