Essential Oils and Hangover – A Man Versus Oils Mansperiment

Hey Men of Oil! How are you all? Today I am going to enlighten you all on a little unplanned mansperiment I did on the weekend involving a bucks party*. I drank my own body weight in shots and beer, not a lot of sleep and a four-hour drive to get home the next day. Add all of that up and you have a hangover that would kill a brown bear (and nearly me). And I am not someone to let an opportunity pass me by. So, I decided to test the effects of essential oils and hangover. Can essential oils help with headaches, nausea, sore back and leg cramps?

* Manslation: Bucks party is an Australian term for a Bachelor party or Stag night. It is essentially a group of grown men who get together and do stupid things because one of them is getting married.

How did I get the hangover?

Essential Oils and Hangover - Can essential oils help with headaches? Beer CheersWell I think that is fairly obvious but let’s look at the extent of it. I drank a lot… In fact I drank waaay too much. Whilst I am not real proud of it, it is something that happens when you put 20-odd middle-aged guys in a room who think they can party like a 21 year old. We started too early on the beers. Kicked off a few drinking games and before you know it, we were drinking shots of any spirit or liqueur we could find. Add that to a 2am finish and there you have it, the perfect recipe for a rip-roaring hangover.

By the time I got picked up at 9ish the next morning, I had a headache that would stop an elephant, nausea, dizziness and a sore back from sleeping (insert passing out) on a very hard and uncomfortable fold out bed.

What was the mansperiment aiming to do?

Those of you who have read my blogs in the past will know that I do not make wildly excessive statements about essential oils and their ability to cure medical ailments. So I put my needs here firmly in the relief category. I wanted to be able to sit in a car for four hours and not feel like I did! Just wanted to feel less nauseous, less sore in the back and not have a headache the size of Mount Kosciuszko (or whatever mountain is big wherever you live). Simple, I just wanted relief.

Some of you might remember the M*A*S*H episode where they sobered up Hot Lips Houlahan with a cold shower and lots of coffee… tried that first… didn’t work. Some of the guys went straight for the bacon, eggs and sausages. Tried that too… That just made me feel even more nauseous.

We all know that the only way to really sober up is to let your body process and remove the alcohol via the liver. The purpose behind this mansperiment was to see if I could gain some relief whilst this happened without the use of any medical/chemical intervention. Mainly because paracetamol does not agree with my stomach when I am in this state.

What did I try?

I did some research. Well if I am being honest, I asked my beautiful and very understanding wife to do some research as I couldn’t focus on my phone for long enough. And together we came up with the following:

Once mixed, I rubbed the concoction on my temples, forehead, behind the ears, kidneys and wrists. Essentially any trigger point I could think of that might help. Much of the research also recommended adding the three oils above – or lavender as a minimum – to a diffuser. Since we were traveling this was not an option. However I am in the process of purchasing an in car diffuser so will keep you posted on the results there in future mansperiments.

Read more: Portable Diffusers for Essential Oils – A Man Versus Oils Review

Our research did identify other oils that are known to assist in these situations. Rosemary Oil aids with mental clarity, Juniper Oil – another good detoxifier and Orange and/or Grapefruit are good mood lifters and detoxifiers. We however did not have these on us at the time so went with what was in Nic’s take everywhere kit.

Oh, and I also drank a bucket load of water… Always drink lots of water.

Did it work?

Essential Oils and Hangover - sore back and leg cramps. Bar shelf

In short… It did a little! Let me break it down into the major hangover categories:


This was the most noticeable difference. My headache subsided very quickly. Usually a headache is the first sign of a hangover for me and the hardest to shake. I can honestly say that in a very quick time the jackhammers inside my head did reduce their speed level quick significantly. I am going to give this one a tick!

Sore back and leg cramps

Not too bad either – although I had walked a lot in the day leading up to bucksamageddon and was sitting in a very small car. But my back pain did subside enough that I could sit without too much discomfort. I am going to give this one a tick via benefit of the doubt. I am thinking the peppermint may have had a bit to play here as it does in my sports liniments.


Hard pass! I can honestly say that this did not subside in the least. Every bump in the car made my stomach jump like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. Even water made everything I had the night before repeat on me. Only a piece of dry, white bread for lunch did anything to make me feel a bit better. If I could think of any way to test this more without the hangover I would do so but for now this one of a fail.


So there you have it, I am going to give this one a pass. I was able to reduce my symptoms without the use of any pain killers with the use of the oils.  I even got a little sleep on the trip – something I think my wife was eternally grateful for!  And whilst I don’t condone drinking this much in one session, I would recommend this for those of you who happen to stumble into this world in future.

Of course, if any of you have any better options, please let me know below and I would be happy to take one for the team and test them out for you!

In the meantime, drink responsibly and have fun


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My name is Paul and I live on the east coast of Australia with my wife and six year old son. I also have 19 and 23 year old daughters. I am an ex government and bank worker who took a bit of a sea change and opened my own business by the beach with my amazing wife. If you can do it, try it. You will never look back. You want to know more about me, read my About Me page

26 thoughts on “Essential Oils and Hangover – A Man Versus Oils Mansperiment”

  1. Hey there Paul!!

    Try not to party to hard there eh?? 😉 Haha it sounds like a Bucks Party is the same thing as a bachelor party!! Anyways I absolutely loved this article!

    It is very interesting! I never would have thought about using essential oils to help remedy a hangover!! I know quite a few people who could definitely use this information as well! Let me know once you’ve tried it out with the diffuser!

    (Also I love the term mansperiment! XD)

    All the Best, 


    • Hey Chris – yes, bachelor party – I will have to update my post.  We have wedding next weekend and whilst I hope not to, I might have to try the diffuser next Sunday- will keep you posted

  2. Sadly it doesn’t stop as you get older…

    At 55 I still have the odd night where I wake up wishing I had not.

    I live in The Philippines where drinking and partying are part of everyday life, so this cure of yours is worth a try.

    Thanks to Grab I don’t have to drive …

    But I have woken up too many times with a bad head.

    I will re-read your post and try the ingredients next time!

    Hope you have a good party next time!


  3. I have heard great things about lavender and peppermint oil helping with nausea. I have used lavender and find it relaxes me, which helps me be less nauseous. But this was a stomach bug, not a hangover. Glad it helped your headache! It’s too bad it’s too miserable to put yourself in a position to try out other oil concoctions for hangovers, lol!

    • Hi Holly – I would like to say that I will not be in a position to try again but no guarantees.. haha.  Will be sure to update the post when I do.  thanks for your comment.  Paul

  4. Hi Paul How unique, a bloke blogging about essential oils……. love it! Enjoyed your mansperiment into the world of essential oils for a man-sized hangover and will be sure to pass on the results and recommendations to my male pals. I hadn’t thought of rubbing the essential oils on to body parts but makes sense. Interesting that it worked for your headache, I’ll try it next time I have one. Lemon lavender and peppermint sounds like a good mix even without the hangover……off to add some to my diffuser now.

    • Haha, thanks Ann..  I admit it was my wife that converted me but I am definintely seeing the benefits.  Let me know how you go with the diffuser.  Paul

  5. Hi Paul,

    Good post, good read. I have never combined these essential oils and applied them to my skin. Sounds great I do use lavender, (bedding), peppermint, (dilute and spray around the home), I read somewhere that mint plants in the house keep little insects away. And I love eucalyptus oil, I add some to my washing machine.

    I shall keep your little recipe and try this combination, when a general ‘malaise’, strikes me, which can  happen when life just gets too much!

    And it certainly does at times.


  6. My sister gave me some beard oil today for my Birthday. I like the mix she used which was a little lavender oil, some lemongrass oil and eucalyptus oil – makes me smell great, but I didn’t really think about how it could make me feel good internally – nice extra benefit. I am going to use it everyday. Can’t drink like that anymore, even for my Birthday, but sounds like you had fun and paid a price.

    • Hey Alexander – haven’t seen that recipe before but sounds lilke it would be a good one – I will have to grow a beard for mansperiment purposes..  Thanks for your comments.


  7. I must say that this is one great article, Paul. There is so many information to understand but I like to use essential oils although I heard that those should not be used internally. I would like to use it primarily as a detox because I want to clean a little my body out of toxins, New Year was very hard (as for the eating lol)

    • Haha yes Daniel – they certianly copped a flogging in my household over the Christmas/New Year period.  I will say that I am not an advocate of swallowing them at all – I am still reasearching it but I really don’t recommend it. But will keep you posted.

      Thanks for your comments


  8. i get to know about the benefits of essential oils and I see it is a must have and must use for everyone. Thanks for sharing your experience on essential oil because I have discover another new thing it worked for .  I really love the lemon essential oil and I have order for two . 

  9. I love this post! I have heard about using oils for all sorts of things but never heard the end result. I just never put much thought into it until now that I have read this. So I do see that this is pointed more towards men however, does the same oils and such good for all or is it some for men and some for women? Didn’t know if there was a difference in what oils and how much and maybe a different “recipe” if you will. Thanks for this I will need to continue reading more as I am much more interested in finding out more about this. 


    • Hi Amber, yes there are some differences for men and women however this one I think is pretty universal.  If I am being honest I get a lot of my stuff from my wife and we don’t tend to use different recipes between the two of us.  But you have given me a good idea for my next post now so watch this space.


  10. Wow! I never knew that essential oils can work such magic. My wife has suffered a lot of headache and each time we visit Doctor she always recommend pain killer which like Advil which she’s allergic to. I will definitely recommend this remedy to her.
    Thanks for the info

  11. I’m all about the mints for hangover headaches.  Luckily, I don’t subject myself to too many of them at level 46 but, I still overdo it occasionally.

    I also take some maca and get some nutrients into me as quickly as possible but, if you have a major hangover essential oils are a great buffer until you can eat solid food again.

    Ps. : Lolz @ Mansperiment!

    • Hey Fyre – Yes, I try to avoid overdoing it these days – although I didn’t take my own advice at New years I can tell you.  Food is a definite requirement I agree.  Sadly there are no Maccas near where I live so a greasy hamburger from the local takeaway is my go-to!

      Thanks for you comments


  12. I am feeling pains in my kidneys and now as you are talking about the oils i am beginning to wonder if they can help me to fight the pain that i am feeling. If only this could work for me i would have to be using it for life. I never knew that rose merry oil aids mental clarity, that i guess would be best for my grand father to use.

    • Hi Nkhosingiphile, There are definite advantages to oils in that area – I use it there if I haven’t been eating rght or have drank too much alcohol  along with plenty of water.  I would however suggest seeing a medical practitioner also as I really wouldn’y like ot see you mask anything that could need trained interventions from a doctor.  

      Let me know how you go and thanks for your comments


  13. Wow great article man . I had no idea that essential  oils could be used for situations such as that as a hangover. the symptoms that most people have when they are hung over can be very hard to handle so i am happy to see that something so simple such as oils can help you during this time . Thanks so much for sharing . 


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