15+ Weird Things To Do With Essential Oils

Annnnddd I’m back… and this time we are going to have some fun! For today, I am going to give you a big fat list of all of the weird things to do with essential oils. You see, when you spend as much time as I do researching all things essential oils you see a lot of weird stuff. Usually I just smirk, smile, laugh or give a good hearty tisk tisk and move on. But, as I was knee-deep in research for my last post scouring through medical research documents looking for a skerrick of evidence that clove essential oil is actually worth purchasing (I am going to write a post on this), I thought to myself – “You know what, maybe some of these uses might actually work”…

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So I have listed them below. I have done no research whatsoever on whether they are any good. Some might work, some, I am probably safe in saying, will not. I will certainly give my opinion but at the end of the day, with essential oils there is definitely an aspect of things that work for some, may not for others so why not just leave it all out there for those game enough to try them… safely of course. So here we go…. have fun.

p.s. I have called this post 15+ Weird Things To Do With Essential Oils so that as I continue to find weird stuff I can just add them to the bottom without having to change anything – clever hey!!

List of weird things to do with essential oils

  1. Clean wax and any other chemicals from fruit. Apparently there is wax on the fruit (mostly apples) to keep it looking good in the supermarket. Rubbing a couple of drops of Grapefruit essential oil will remove it.
  2. Curb your appetite. Hungry? Sniff Cinnamon directly from the bottle to suppress the appetite. Cinnamon is a ‘hot‘ oil so don’t sniff too hard.
  3. De-stink your bin. Add a few drops of Lemon to a cotton ball and drop into the bin do remove some of the odor. My wife would tell me to just empty it, but this has to be a simpler option right?

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  1. Add aroma to fake flowers. Do you have a faux floral arrangement in the house? Choose your most feminine, florally oil and add a couple of drops to the fake petals to make them smell like the real thing. That sounds like a great money saver to me for sure!! – Now if only the oil could make the flowers look real too…
  2. Remove gum from hair. Add some Lemon to a carrier oil and rub into the hair at the point of gumminess. Lemon does work to remove sticker residue so this might just work. Beware though as Lemon does contain bleaching qualities…
  3. Bleach your hair. Following on from the previous use – rub some Lemon essential oil into your hair and go out into the sun to give your hair some natural highlights. Make sure it is on the hair only and not the scalp as lemon will burn your skin if exposed to the sun…
  4. Keep your cat off the bench. Apparently our feline friends do not like Basil. So, a few drops on the bench should keep them off… Have you met cats, they would lick it off just to spite you. And did a little research here (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Basil is not on the bad oils for cats list so will give this one a try and report back…
  5. Add scent to a letter. Sending a special letter to a special friend? Why not add a little romance with few drops of his or her favorite oil (go some Northern Lights Black Spruce for the guys) – This one made me laugh – at least you could test if your oils were real at the same time….
  6. Weight loss. Add a few drops of your favorite citrus oil to the diffuser to suppress appetite leading to weight loss – and here I was wasting my time with diet and exercise.

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  1. Deodorant. Rub a small amount Thieves toothpaste under your armpits as a natural, cinnamon based deodorant…. hmm, not sure about this one but I have a friend who swears by it (Thanks Em).
  2. Clean stainless steel appliances. Spray some Lemon ( I am assuming mixed with vinegar or water) and it will be clean as a whistle – I would try these but we don’t have stainless steel appliances.
  3. Clean your cutting board. Wipe a few drops of Lemon Myrtle essential oil across the cutting board to cleanse and deodorize. Lemon oil works very well too, but I don’t know why, Lemon Myrtle seems to smell more lemony than lemon. Hey, it’s a list of weird things. Anyway, we do this – it definitely deodorizes – especially on the one I use to clean my fish – some boiling water beforehand to kill the germs is recommended.
  4. Get rid of pimples. Got one of those painful blind man -pimples? A drop of Frankincense each day for a couple of days and it goes away – for real – I can actually attest to this one.
  5. Linen spray. Add 30 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to half cup water and 1/4 cup vodka and spray on your linen to assist with sleep – and no, you do not fall asleep from just drinking the Vodka…
  6. Christmas Lights. Attach your empty essential oil bottles to a line of Christmas lights for a warming effect…

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Well, that is it. The list is started and will continue to grow I am sure. I will update as I try some of these but if you have tried any of these yourself, please comment below. Or if you have any others that you have heard of or use, again, comments below.

Until next time…

Have fun


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