10 Manly Essential Oil Scent Recipes for the Diffuser

Hello again my manly users of all things oils and chemical free living. Those of you who have read some of my recent posts will probably have noticed a couple of things about my daily life. The first obviously is that I use essential oils for manly purposes such as on my feet after a hard game of extreme amateur indoor soccer and for cleaning the BBQ. The second, more subtle piece of information is that I get a lot of inspiration for my musings from my darling wife. Her use of the oil diffuser, rarely with manly essential oil scent, is something that has be seen to be believed.

Usually they are pretty good I must say but yesterday was the day I called a hard pass – the house smelled like the Country Women’s Association had put on their best perfume and set up camp in my kitchen – nothing against the CWA I promise but you can see my point. “Just once!” I stated, feeling my testosterone levels rise inside me – albeit temporarily, “I would like to come home to a man smell… Just once.” Yes, I used the term man-smell… and yes the response I got was too inappropriate for this G rated medium. However, I was then told if I could find them, I could use them… I found 10! 10 Manly essential oil scent recipes for the diffuser.

1 – Root Beer Float

I have started with a manly trip back down memory lane.


5 drops Stressaway

3 drop Panaway


Smells just like a root beer float – although the wife thought it was more like a Coca-Cola spider (you know… Coca-Cola and vanilla Ice-cream). Either way, works for me!

2 – Chocolate Biscuit

This one sells itself as a stress reliever and mood calmer. To me it makes the man-list due to its chocolate biscuit smell.


4 drops Orange

4 drop Peppermint


I can’t quite put my finger on which type of biscuit it smells like (mint or jaffa slice I guess) but the mixture of orange and peppermint is favourite when wrapped in chocolate.

3 – Man Cave

Man CaveThe man cave – a place where men can be men – beer fridge, pool table, television tuned to the sports channels only – maybe a few trophies and fishing photos on the wall. My dad’s had a massive model train set in it… You get the drift…


3 drops Idaho Balsam Fir

2 drops Cyprus

2 drops Wintergreen


Imagine you are playing pool inside a wood cabin on the middle of a forest? This’ll do it! If I may be so bold as to suggest dialing down the testosterone levels a little with some gentle forest sounds over the sound system then the picture is complete!

4 – Gone Camping

camping mountains for chemical free livingIn the same spirit as the man cave recipe, just a little softer and fresher.


3 drops Frankincense

2 drops Idaho Balsam Fir

1 drop Cedarwood


I tried this one as well… smells like that first whiff of fresh air in the morning as you crawl out of the tent (or cabin). Break the smell with that of fresh coffee and boom, just like you are there!

5 – Spiced Cider

This is a great manly one for those cold winter nights. .


5 drops Ginger

4 drops Orange

1 drop Cinnamon Bark


I detected a hint of spiced rum with this one also. Ginger is also very beneficial as a calming agent and for the libido – perfect for a cold night in front of the fire.

6 – Stuffed Roast

What sort of man-page would this be without at least one meat reference. Sadly, there are no meat based essential oils but I have found a recipe that might go well with a few Sunday afternoon beverages in front of the football.


6 drops Rosemary

4 drops Clary Sage

2 drops Thyme

1 drop Black Pepper


The mind is a funny thing… put this into the diffuser and I swear you can smell the chicken also. Of course not as good as having an actual roast/baked dinner in the oven but hey… The football is on.

7 – Man Smell

In the interests of chemical free colognes etc., try this one in the diffuser for a real manly smell when she (or he) arrives for that special home cooked meal you have been bragging about.


4 drops Idaho Balsam Fir

4 drops Orange

1 drop Frankincense


Gives off a real manly smell indeed – you may want to play with the mixtures here depending on how much citrus you would like in the mix. And as a little extra bonus – Mix 1.5 teaspoons of 100% proof white rum or distilled water to the above mix (with 8 drops of each and 2 of Frankincense) in a roller bottle for a chemical free cologne that will allow you to take the man smell with you!

8 – Man Cold

Ahhh, the dreaded man-cold. Single handedly the worst disease known to man – ladies, you just don’t understand!. This might help ease some of the symptoms.


3 drops Valor

2 drops R.C.

2 drops Lavender


Designed to soothe the nose and help clear the breathing. Not a cure obviously but when we are that sick… Every little bit helps!

9. Odor Eater

10 Manly Essential Oil Scent Recipes for the Diffuser. Fish market

I’ll admit it, there are times when we of the masculine persuasion may not smell as good as we, err, could. Some are natural smells from being outside working, playing sport, drinking, fishing or just that wonderful ‘old man smell’ – you known the one. Others are introduced aromas such as fish, BBQ or those shoes that really should be thrown out. Regardless, put this in the diffuser and you are golden!


3 drops Lemongrass

3 drops Orange

* Lemon, Lime and/or Grapefruit will also work well here


Eventually the citrus should override anything else you have produced smell-wise to buy you enough time to finish whatever it is you are doing, get it cleaned up and, for goodness’ sake, have a shower!

10 – Ahem….

Looking for a little special one on one time with that significant other…10 Manly Essential Oil Scent Recipes for the Diffuser. love heart


2 drops Clary Sage

3 drops Sensation

2 drops Idaho Blue Spruce


This is a bit more feminine smelling than the others but in this case, it is hopefully worth it. At the very least, she will appreciate a break from all the man-scents you have been throwing out there lately!


So, there you have it. My advice, try a few of them and find one that is equally suitable to both of you – unless hidden away in the man-cave of course. That way you both won’t have to rush home at the speed of light to be first to the diffuser – it does happen you known!

Oh, and by the way, Nic’s CWA concoction was actually just one simple essential oil blend called Joy ( a combination of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa and Rose).

Apparently the smell is ‘pretty’.

Have fun


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17 thoughts on “10 Manly Essential Oil Scent Recipes for the Diffuser”

  1. I guess I am not exactly a “manly man” but man did I ever get a kick out of reading your page!

    I found myself chuckling reading the descriptions as to how to make various manly-associated fragrances, or even a fragrance that may cover over too much “manly” fragrance.

    I have an essential oil diffuser going at my office and get many complements concerning the fragrance.  I have not really gotten into mixing various fragrances but you have now drawn me in – I am going to have to experiment.

    Sadly, I am not in possession of a real “man cave” but only a home office – but that will have to do in a pinch.  I haven’t tried a diffuser at home but I am beginning to wonder if I could convince my wife …

    Anyway, you have a really interesting and different site about smells – and how to mix and match the smells together to produce interesting fragrances that remind of other things.

    Well done.


    • Haha, thanks Dave..  I did wonder as I was writing it as to whether to tone down the man-speak… but I am glad you got my drift.  Sadly I have no man cave either so it is the home office for me too..  Keep me posted on your experiments.  Paul

  2. Hello Paul, thank you for sharing your findings about 10 manly essential oil scent recipes for the diffuser. We’ll, I am not that familiar with essential oil but reading this article has opened my eyes to some essential oil for men. I think I would have to try one of these. Which one is your favourite amongst them?

    • He Beazzy – I am a fan fo the chocolate biscuit one I am afraid. It is probably the least manly if I am being hinest but I love it.. reminds me of my childhood (oohhh another blog idea!!)


  3. Some of these scents  sounds very comforting, such as man cave and camping.  Are these oils tested for safety to exposure for extended periods of time? I love aromas in my house.  I’m a single guy so my place always smells like a man cave.  But I will definitely refer some of married couples.  This is a great idea for boys night out in the basement.  Nothing like smell of wood, beer and roast beef.  This adds great aromas to the ambiance.  Thanks for the ideas.

    • Hi Pardeap – these oils should all be ok for longer term exposure.  However as always, different people may suffer some negative affects from oil diffusers – especially if the original fruit causes them problems.  If you are worried, just try for smaller lengths of time and build it up. And if any issues arise, always see a doctor as soon as possible.  Thanks for your question.  Paul

  4. Hi Paul. I must say I really enjoyed your blog. You certainly have production of manly essential oil aroma’s worked out to a new level of excellence. I have to say that I have always enjoyed essential oils, even long before it was decided men would be allowed to enjoy them. Many years back my wife and I had an indoor market stall where we sold everything smelly (nice smells that is). We had everything from lavender, pot pourri, herbs and essential oils. But I loved your recipes, I wish we had of thought about them back in the day. The only mix that has me worried is the ‘Man Cave’ one.  Jim

    • Hi Jim, I wish I had stumbled across your stall..  I intend too start onvestigating a few other checmical free options apart from the oils also so watch this space.  Not sure of the Man Cave?  TBH I haven’t tried that one myself ( have the oil i am missing on order).  My source for that one was a friend of mine who swears by it.. she came up with the man-cave name  – It might be a bit strong granted but will let you know how I go.  Thanks for your comments.  Paul

  5. Great to see a man making use of the incredible benefits of aromatherapy. 

    Never heard anyone using it for cleaning the barbecue, so will definitely give it a try come summer.

    Love the manly recipes, have pointed these out to my partner and he is up for trying. Root Beer Float and Spiced Cider got his attention.

    I note you use a diffuser, have you any suggestions to the best sort of diffusers? For instance I know you can get combined diffusers and humidifiers/ are they any good for essential oils?

    Great informative article.



    • HI Anna, I must admit to not knowing much about humidifiers for Essential Oils however some quick research appears to have revealed that as long as it is a mist humidifier you should be ok.  Other humidifiers tend to get clocked by the components of the oils.  As for diffusers – I have to say that there are many that seem to be ok (I have links on this page for ones that have good reviews).  The only one we have ever had that wasn;t the best was the cheapy from the $2 shop.  At a minimum, they need an auto shutoff for then they run out of water. 

      Hope this helps


  6. Hey Paul,

    Great article! Thanks for all the info. 

    I LOVE how you created your own essential oil mixes and gave them funny names!  Hahaha!

    I am curious about any experiments that did NOT make the list… any mix you tried that you would NOT recommend? 

    Also, I know some essential oils are not recommended for the diffuser… I was wondering if you could explain why… And I am guessing that all the oils you mentioned here are okay for that type of use, right? 



    • Hi Nathalie – thanks for your questions.  I am actually researching this very topic at the moment for an upcoming post – There are realy polar opposites of opinion when it comes to oils – hence my site – however most reading suggests that you need to be careful based on the population of your household.  If there are babies, young children or pets in the house then you need to nesure that the oils you are adding to the diffuser are safe for them (citrus oils in particular seem to be not real good for pets and babies).

      Hope this answers your question and keep an eye out in the next few weeks regarding this research.  Paul

  7. Thanks for sharing an experience with essential oil scent recipes. I have recently paid more attention to the perfume but not to the oils for the diffuser. 

    I would be interested to try Root Beer Float and Man Cave. It seems quite unusual for me but something unique is something valuable. The scent is important to me and I always try to pick up the right one. But sometimes after a lot of searching and trying it feels totally different when you get this scent at home. 

    I hope your list will be handy to try new scents and to refresh my home and family. 

    Thanks for great tips choosing scents. 



    • Hi Tomas – glad you enjoyed the post.  I am also someone who has a string affinitiy to smells.  Let me kow how you go with these..  remember that the receipes are a guide too – feel free to play around as you see fit and to your own tastes.  Paul

  8. I am looking for very manly essential oils to please my very manly deer-hunting husband when he comes home from the woods! Your site and presentation of oils are so manly presented with the log cabin and the names of the oils sir,  that I think I have found what I am seeking! I think for the few short hours he is home during deer season I can flood our home with a light infusion of Spiced Cider instead of Lavender! Thank you for some good ideas and an interesting read! Janice Fox-Henley


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