10 Grounding Essential Oil Recipes for Men

Why hello there again oh manly readers of all things oils – and again, let’s give a big shout out to my ever growing legion of feminine oilers who seem to find interest in my man-blogs – you are most welcome. Anyway, I was reading back through some of my posts recently and I noticed that I have mentioned the term ‘grounding’ quite a bit to describe essential oils without really elaborating on them. And you know how I hate to leave such important information unwritten, so here it is.

But as usual I wanted to make this post useful to you and hopefully somehow enrich your daily lives so I have come up with 10 grounding essential oil recipes for men. That way you will not only learn what grounding oils are, but how you can use them in real life. And as a double bonus, you will be happy to know that I really don’t have to try real hard to keep it manly this time as grounding essential oils, by nature, fit nice and neatly into the masculine side of aromas.

What do we mean by grounding?

There are actually a number of different expressions for the term ‘grounding’ when it comes to essential oils – What? There are no absolutes when it comes to essential oils? Sorry… Anyway, throughout the mountains of research that I have undertaken into the world of essential oils, I have found three main ways that they can be described using the word ‘grounding’:

  1. Spiritually grounding – these are oils that calm the spirit, cleanse the mind and ground the soul. Cedarwood, Frankincense and Rosemary are often referred to in this light and are staples in spiritual ceremonies.
  2. Emotionally grounding – calming and restful oils are often referred to as emotionally grounding. The obvious inclusion here is Lavender but also Frankincense, Geranium, Rose and Bergamot.
  3. Earthly grounding – these oils come from the bark, branches, resins or roots of the originating plant. They are generally earthy in scent and are said to be good for putting our feet squarely back on the ground and at one with mother earth. In reality, you could call this spiritually or emotionally grounding but I am guessing you get the picture.

Anyway, it is the earthly grounding oil that we are going to discuss here. Why, because they are manly as! And also, to be honest, they are some of my favourites and I find myself using them a lot more than others. They actually do calm me and bring me down when I am getting stressed or ‘edgy’ – which I tend to do from time to time.

10 Grounding Essential Oil Recipes for

What are grounding essential oils?

In terms of earthly essential oils, I would consider the following worthy of this list:

Vetiver Vetiver oil is distilled from a perennial grass and is a good calming and stabilising oil. It is not as common as other woodsey oils but is often used as an ingredient in skin care products and soaps. Manly aroma level – high!

Sandalwood Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world so as you would expect, the oil is also a little on the high priced side. It is however extremely pleasant smelling and used in aromatherapy to promote clarity and calmness. I love the smell of this one although it is probably on the sweeter side of the manly spectrum. Manly aroma level – medium.

Cedarwood – This oil is also a little sweeter in its aroma but is one that I use a lot in the diffuser with Lavender as a calming agent and I believe it really does calm me – might be a little Pavlov’s Dog action going on there but I can accept that. Cedarwood is used extensively in the building and furniture making industries which makes it manly on its own. Manly aroma level – Medium

Frankincense – With obvious references and uses dating back to the birth of Christ, Frankincense is distilled from the resin of the Boswellia species of trees. It has significant ancient use as a medicine and in rituals. In modern times it is a natural calmer and used in perfumes and ceremonies to provide peace and clarity. I know a single drop on the head of our 7 year old calms him when he is a donkey on the edge. Its aroma is a sweet, musty one that has an almost pungent undertone but it is not too bad. Manly aroma level – Medium

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Myrrh – As with Frankincense, Myrrh is a natural gum/resin with a slightly sweeter aroma. Its uses are similar to Frankincense due to its calming properties and ancient grounding uses. Manly aroma level – Medium

Black Spruce – The manliest oil on the planet! And in the interests of time I am going to include all of the ‘tree’ type oils in this group such as Idaho Blue Spruce, Idaho Balsam Fir, Pine and Cypress. I personally find them calming and love the smell of them so I use them a lot. They are especially good when you are feeling fatigued and will freshen up your surroundings. Manly aroma level – Extreme – ok, that is probably overdoing it but they are definitely manly.

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What do they work well with?

Citrus! We use these oils a lot with Citrus – which is how I started talking about them and using them in the first place. They seem to just click. And for all of my carry on about how manly they are my wife actually uses our grounding oils a real lot with citrus and some of the softer oil blends such as Joy and Stressaway.

10 Manly recipes for grounding oils

These ones are great in the diffuser to freshen the house and provide a calming and clarifying scent. Alternatively add them to some carrier oils in a roller bottle and rub onto the wrists and behind the ears. They will even work well with some coconut oil as a moisturising aftershave cream – they sky is the limit with these…

1. Daily Calmer – this is our absolute favourite and one we use in the diffuser or with some grapeseed oil in a roller bottle.

  • 3 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce
  • 3 drops Lemon

2. Tree Farm Blend – Smells like a walk in the forest.

  • 3 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
  • 2 drops Pine
  • 2 drops Cedarwood

10 Grounding Essential Oil Recipes for Men- forest

3. Crispness Blend – The wintergreen adds a level of minty crispness to all that woodiness (my descriptions really are going to another level now!)

  • 2 drops Wintergreen
  • 3 drops Cypress
  • 3 drops Cedarwood
  • 3 drops Idaho Balsam Fir

4. All the Citrus blend – This is another favourite with the citrus really giving an uplifting feeling especially when in the diffuser.

  • 3 drops Grapefruit
  • 3 drops Lemon
  • 3 drops Bergamot
  • 1 drop Cedarwood

5. Meditation blend – This one is nice if you just want to lie on the couch and rest – you can substitute Cedarwood or Nothern Light Black Spruce here if you don’t have Sandalwood.

  • 2 drops Sandalwood oil
  • 2 drops Bergamot oil
  • 2 drops Frankincense oil

6. Relaxation station blend – Patchouli is a minty type of oil which really adds a new calming sensation to this blend. Use it in a roller bottle when you are in the go and stressed. It is also very good in the old man-bath.

  • 5 drops Vetiver
  • 3 drops Patchouli
  • 5 drops Cedarwood

Use 20 drops of each for the bath.

10 Grounding Essential Oil Recipes for Men- relax

7. Feet on the ground – Add Roman Chamomile, Geranium or Rose (I use Geranium) to the woody man oils here – I like this one too as it does seem to bring me back to earth.

  • 5 drops Cedarwood
  • 4 drops Vetiver
  • 3 drops Geranium

8. Soothing – Another good one if you are stressed and need to come back to earth. More floral scents here but they do seem to work without killing off the manliness of the aroma.

  • 4 drops Frankincense
  • 4 drops Cypress or Pine
  • 3 drops Geranium or Rose

9. Man 1 – For numbers 9 and 10 I have just come up with some that smell really good and manly and I like (And Nic likes them too ladies):

  • 4 drops Northern Lights
  • 4 drops Cedarwood
  • 3 drops Sacred mountain
  • 2 drops Lime

10. Man 2 – I always put this one on when it is raining – Just seems to be good in the rain??

  • 5 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
  • 3 drops Lemon
  • 3 drops Eucalyptus
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So there you have it, the manly world of grounding essential oils. What are your favourites or do you have any recipes that you recommend? If so, I would love to hear from you below.

Until next time

Have fun


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